Find it at:  http://www.ferryhalim.com/cowgame/  [requires Shockwave Flash]

Current records:
TimeRecord HolderScreenie
2:22akiclick me
2:22DaRKMaNeclick me
2:26DaRKMaNeclick me

Words from the man:

<darkmane> al u gotta do is pu the mouse in the middle move it with one had click with the other
<darkmane> one hand moves one hand clicks
<darkmane> can click faster
<darkmane> it was all on 1 cow :)
<darkmane> got him at very start of horizon and followed all the way
<darkmane> was stil click wen it finsihed :)
<darkmane> i think i can retire with that record

Go prove him wrong. :)