a day in the life of a zipster ...

<yeled> did you know that the US  has been deciaml since the 1800's?
<o> yeled: currency you mean
<o> it's a shame the US didn't convert to metric for other measures
<elessar> who wants to drink 500mls of beer?
<yeled> lsr: me
<yeled> I love cans in 500ml
<elessar> well, i do too
<elessar> but i prefer a pint
<o> elessar: who wants to spend billions on mars space probes?
<yeled> I have a case of it in the kitchen
<yeled> oh :P
<elessar> that's just sloppiness
<o> when did the UK change to decimal currency?
<aki> who wants to be a millionaire?
<aki> what is the seventh element on the periodic table?
<o> who wants to burn eddie mcguire's house down?
<aki> who thinks eddie mcguire's dead seksee?
<o> you
<aki> damn
<o> 7th element?
<o> hmmmm
<o> is it too late to answer?
<aki> well you got one question right
<aki> $100
<o> nitrogen
<aki> sure you dont want to phone a friend?
<Kommie> hehe, System of a Down do "Legend of Zelda" :)
<o> no, i have my laptop on the internet
<o> http://www.cs.ubc.ca/cgi-bin/nph-pertab/periodic-table
<aki> well then :)